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  • ✅Add a tangy and acidic touch to your cooking with our Citric Acid. It is made from natural sources, such as lemons and it is processed to be in powder form.

  • ✅Сomes in a convenient 1.76-ounce bag, making it easy to measure out the perfect amount for your recipes. It's also compact and easy to store, so you can always have it on hand to enhance the flavor of your dishes.

  • ✅Citric Acid can be used as a preservative, a flavoring agent, or a pH adjuster. It can be used in a variety of applications such as: canning, pickling, and as a flavor enhancer in soft drinks and other food products. 

  • ✅Citric Acid substance perfectly removes dangerous toxic substances from the body, including salts and slags. In addition, it increases immunity and increases the amount of calcium in the body.

Citric Acid (50g - 1.76 oz (Pack of 5))

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