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✅[An Ancient Species of Wild-Growing Apple Tree] – Arashan dried apple slices are harvested from wild Kyrgyz Apple trees, 1 of only 3 varieties that grow in the wild today. This species of apple trees has a rich, ancient history of incredible flavor.

✅[The ORIGINAL Organic Apple] – Long before Alexander the Great and his armies brought apples back to Europe, the Kyrgyz apple tree was populating wild fruit forests in the mountains of the Batken Region. This is what organic should be.

✅[“An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”] – Apples contain vitamins A; B1,2,6; C, E, potassium, vitamin K, manganese, copper and more for astounding daily health. Additionally, they are packed with polyphenols, with a variety of benefits, and fiber.

✅[No Added Sugars Or Preservatives] – Our apple slices are so delightfully delicious that we would never dream of adding a single additive to them – it would only take away from their natural flavor! This package contains one ingredient: apples.

✅[Amazingly Flavorful Pick-Me-Up Snack] – Any time morning, day, or night – you can reach for your Arashan apple slices for a reliable boost of flavor and natural sugars. Now you can indulge your natural cravings without any guilt whatsoever!

Product weight:
0,227 kg
227 g
0,5 lb
8 oz

Dried Apples (8 oz - Pack of 2)

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