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  • ✅Delicious 100% Natural & Raw - This is fabulous raw honey fresh from real bee hives found only among some of the world's tallest mountains. Our beekeepers carefully remove this glorious natural treat that is filled with a complex wonderland of highly beneficial nutrients. Our honey is pure the way nature intended with no additives, impurities, or stretchers. Experience this exhilarating flavor not available in stores or your local honey.
  • ✅Prized Bees at 11,000 Feet - Our honey is harvested in the flower filled valleys of the Tian Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan. This honey is world famous for its incredible fresh flavor and natural nutritional potency. It's a rural area many miles from any city. Free from smog, pollution, noise, and stress. Happy bees make this fabulous honey from our table to yours.
  • ✅Great for Coffee, Tea, Recipes - Upgrade to this delicious natural honey as a healthier replacement for sugar. It's rich in vitamins and carotene with large amounts of protein and other nutrients. Pure raw honey has been called nature's perfect food by experts down through the centuries. Enjoy for baking, smoothies, fruit, oatmeal and as a worthy snack.
  • ✅Essential for the Environment - Bees are the main engine in a healthy world. They are the trillions of workers who busily pollinate plants to keep the countryside healthy and robust. When you buy honey, you support bees who are needed for a healthy green planet. We only work with farmers who use renewable practices. Your purchase helps support worthy farm families engaged in skilled beekeeping.
  • ✅ Inspired Gift Idea - Everyone loves great tasting raw unfiltered honey. The flavor inspires every snack, meal, and family get-together. Give for birthday, holiday, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Many customers love the rich flavor so much they return to buy several more. Get yours while we have a fresh new batch ready to send direct to your door. It's selling fast after being featured on popular cooking channels.

Wildflower Honey

  • We know you’ll love your products. However if you’re not sure, we’ll offer a prompt and courteous refund. For any questions regarding your dates, our customer care team is available 24/7.

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