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  • ✅[Fertile Ferghana Valley Apricots] – The Ferghana valley in rural Kyrgyzstan is widely considered one of the most fertile places in the world. Wild apricot trees which have grown there for thousands of years! You’ll NEVER taste an apricot with more natural goodness.
  • ✅[Surprisingly Sweet] – If you like regular apricots, then wait until you try this black variety! An explosion of sweet and savory flavor is waiting to rush into your mouth with every bite, easily satisfying your sweet tooth with something healthy for you.
  • ✅[Natural Sugars For Clean Energy] – These apricots provide outstanding essential energy to help you through your day. Busting with vital vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber and plenty of natural sugars that keep you going without any “crash”. The perfect afternoon snack!
  • ✅[100% Raw & Non-GMO] – Our Arashan Apricots are grown with the strictest natural and sustainable farming practices – non-GMO’s, 100% careful practices from hand-picked farmers. We quite literally deliver these apricots from farm to you (after drying them in the sun, of course!)
  • ✅[Unsulfured, Pitted] – Best of all, we never touch our apricots with Sulphur dioxide like so many other companies do. There’s no need with our simple, natural sun drying and pitting process.

Black Apricots Unsulfured

  • We know you’ll love your products. However if you’re not sure, we’ll offer a prompt and courteous refund. For any questions regarding your dates, our customer care team is available 24/7.

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