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Fermented milk, invigorating, toning, health drink made from natural cow's milk. It may contain a small amount of barley, corn, and wheat. The delicious national drink will provide the necessary amount of protein, vitamins and trace elements.

The composition of "Chalap Shoro" includes useful cultures of lactic acid bacteria. And this is an additional help for our immunity and excellent bowel function.


Useful properties

-Excellent tonic

-Actively reduces weight and lowers cholesterol in the blood

-Helps to cleanse the body (gastrointestinal tract)

-Improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract

-Increases metabolic processes, improves the digestibility and digestibility of food

-Provides the body with B vitamins and minerals

-Promotes the absorption of calcium, iron

-In the morning – normalizes the intestinal microflora, at lunch and dinner – improves digestion, and  gives vigor - during the day


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