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The World’s Best NATURALLY GOOD Prunes!
Cultivated Naturally And Grown By The Best

Imagine… A fertile valley literally OVERFLOWING with naturally-growing fruit. Plums… Apricots… And much more!

In fact, before the farmers in this area started taking plum trees “seriously,” they only saw them as wild-growing trees that needed NO additional help to grow! That’s just a simple illustration that shows how amazingly beautiful and abundant this particular region is.

Since then, farmers have become very aware of the nutritional benefits of prunes, and their useful properties – so much so that the dried fruit industry has become the main contributor to economic growth in the region.

It’s the perfect combination…

Healthy, Vibrant, Flavorful, And All Natural

You’ve never had dried plums this good!

That’s because, in addition to the natural flavor which they get from the fertile soil, our farmers and processing workshops never use chemicals or anything but the best artisanal drying equipment. Plus, they’re organic (in the process of being certified).

As a result, all of the natural nutrients are preserved in full potency, including:

-    B Vitamins (1, 2, 6)
-    Vitamin E
-    Potassium, iron
-    Iodine, copper, and zinc
-    Naturally-occurring sugars

…Making Arashan dried plums the perfect snack for any time day or night. Eat them plain or as an addition to your yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, salads, and other snacks. Our promise to you is that our dried plums will always, “hit the spot.”

Get yours today!

Dried Plums, Prunes Unpitted (1 pack)

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